Social Marketing

Social is not just friends sharing pictures anymore. 28% of all time spent on the internet is spent on Social websites, with the majority of that time being spent on Facebook. Even more dramatic is the fact that 60% of all the social time spent on line comes from mobile devices. Having a marketing strategy to participate and engage this audience is more important now than at any other time.  

Social Facts:

  • Over 1 billion Facebook pages
  • Online water cooler
  • Build your network via promoted posts
  • Content is synchronized across all networks
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn, etc.

Having a social presence is the first step in engaging with current customers, but a targeted advertising campaign can dramatically grow your business. Digital Destinations will drive new client conversions through:

  • Strategic management
  • Promoted posts with compelling content
  • Optimized social advertising campaigns
  • Targeting people who:
    • Follow similar businesses
    • Expressed an interest in your products or services
  • Uniform content and messaging across platforms

The most often overlooked benefit of a well-managed and executed social strategy is the impact that has on your SEO efforts. The best SEO effort in the world will still be lacking if they are not linked to a comprehensive social strategy. The search engine algorithms place a premium on businesses that are active online and consequently a well-orchestrated Social presence is viewed is a very favorable light by the major search engines.

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