Email Marketing

As much as any other digital advertising vehicle, email has benefited tremendously from the proliferation of mobile devices. 66% of all emails are now opened on mobile devices, meaning your email message is being accessed by prospects while they are on the move. This instant access provides a unique opportunity to reach the prospects you desire most with professionally written and structured messaging.

About Email Marketing:

  • Database of 50 million subscribers
  • Audience that has opted in
  • Highly targeted
  • Measurable

Our database of prospects and businesses represents groups that have opted in to receive email messages, which helps guard against your emails being delivered to spam folders. Further, our segmentation capabilities allow you to target demographically and geographically the people and areas that are most important to you. This means you have very little waste compared to conventional snail-mail.  

The final benefit of our approach is the cost-effective nature of our solution. As just stated, email is far, far more targeted than traditional direct mail and it is also a fraction of the price. Essentially you get better targeting for about 1/10th the price, plus it is completely trackable so you know exactly what return you are getting. Our marketing experts will review results with you to optimize your message and targeting for each additional email send.  

Digital Destination provides you with performance reports that show how many emails were sent, delivered, opened and any subsequent actions that were taken after the email was opened (i.e. clicks to websites, landing pages, etc.). We can incorporate your client emails into our database to create a “blended” email database of current clients and prospects. 

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