Display Advertising

Display has evolved into an extremely sophisticated and valuable marketing tool. Our consultants will sit with you to understand who your prospects are and we will then build a program that targets these prospects where ever they are on the web. 

Display advertising is more targeted than ever and can significantly enhance the performance and ROI of your SEM and SEO strategies by building brand familiarity with prospects interested in your products and services. Prospects are up to 400% more likely to click on your business in the search results when they recognize your business name or have recently seen a display ad. At Digital Destination we combine all forms of display targeting from simple geographic, demographic, and behavioral targets to sophisticated methods that retarget people who have recently visited your site or searched for a keyword related to your business. How valuable would it be to your business to place your ad in front of a consumer who has recently visited your site, searched for highly relevant keywords, and is located within a 5 mile radius? 


As with all our solutions, the mobile and tablet users are front and center in all our planning and execution. Further, you will have access to reports so you can see real-time results of your investment.


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